How can we increase the opportunities of single-parent families with children to reduce the risk of social exclusion?


Single-parent families with children, i.e., households composed of single mothers or fathers with dependent children, are a type of family that keeps increasing every year in Barcelona. The access routes to lone parenthood are varied (divorce, in-family violence, widowhood…). The economic uncertainty is often one of the major challenges and consequences of lone parenthood. Many families who fail to meet their basic needs are -especially those families headed by women, who tend to earn less than men even if they have the same occupation.

Access to housing is a challenge for many single parents, as well as the balance between work and family responsibilities, since these obligations fall on one person. The possibilities to combine these two areas of life are much more complicated.

The search for solutions was designed to find proven solutions to this uncertainty, increasing the possibilities and options for these families to provide better access to basic services, more opportunities for a decent life and a good start of life for their children.

Stakeholders panel

Ramon Bernat, Glòria Canals, Ester Capella, Raquel Diaz Caro, Ramon Giró, Antonio Guillen and Montse Majoral Marginet.

Challenge completed
June 2013