How to create better opportunities and employment pathways for disconnected young people?

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In the wake of the crisis, rising youth unemployment has reached critical levels taht demand urgent attention. A startling number of 16 to 24 years-old are facing unemployment, part-time employment or insecure, low-wage jobs, or just simply inactivity. This situation increses inestability and cripples economic growth as it limits young people's capacity to contribute to the economy and society.

According to the OECD, young people who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training (12.9% in Spain) have the risk of being excluded of the labor market. This risk is particularly higher for those that are disconnected and with a low-level of competences, for example those are not completed the high school, which are a 24% in Spain. 

The V edition of the project 10x10 Càpsules d'Innovació Social promoted by Sumar made a call for public, private or mixed interventions to present proven solutions that connect youth people with the labour market and education. A jury of experts selected the 10 that were presented at the conference held on March 17, 2017 in CaixaForum Barcelona.

Stakeholders panel

Clara Navarro, Estanis Vayreda , Gemma Garcia, Jean-Claude Rodriguez, Jordi Pascual, Montserrat Blanes and Teia Fàbrega.

Challenge completed
March 2017