How to improve the skills of students so they can take every opportunity of the digital society?


In societies where technology is increasingly setting social and working trends, there should be a focus on fully developing the skills and competencies required in highly digital contexts. It is not just a question of focusing on how to use technological tools, but also of developing the ability to learn, work with others, participate and create in the digital society. Therefore, a rethinking of the educational process is needed to ensure that present and future generations can fully benefit from the transformative potential of new technologies.

The aim of this challenge is to identify the best initiatives that have proven effective in improving the digital skills of students and which contribute to preparing them for living and working in the digital society of the future.

Top 100 Education 2016 is a project of Fundación Telefónica with the collaboration of UpSocial and the participation of Ashoka and ESADE Institut for Social Innovation.

Stakeholders panel

Félix Serrano Delgado, Francisco Soler, Ismael Sanz Labrador, Javier Hidalgo Gil, Javier Monteagudo Galisteo, Jesús V. Fernández-Cid Román, Jordi Vivancos Martí, José Ignacio Fernández Vera, José María de la Villa Riviere, Julio Contreras Rodríguez, Lara Viada María González Targhetta, Manuel Vila López and Marta Babé Riestra. 

Working group
Ana María González Péreza, Ana Millán Jiménez, Ángel Cañadilla Moyano, Ángel Serrano Almodóvar, Digna Couso Lagarón, Francisco Javier Jiménez Leube, Genís Roca Verard, Gregorio Casado Coba, Javier Hidalgo Gil, José Cuerva Moreno, José Villegas Sánchez, Julio Contreras Rodríguez, Lara Viada, Luis Berruete, Manuel Vila López, Miguel Costa García, Paloma Barba Contera, Salvador Pérez Crespo and Sonia Navarro.

Fundación Telefónica team
Alejandro Díaz Garreta, Pablo Gonzalo Gómez and Aroa Sánchez Rodríguez. 

Challenge completed
December 2016
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