How to manage the housing policy as a central axis for communities?


Housing continues to be an issue of critical importance linked to well-being and social coexistence. However, access to housing has become a structural problem for society, particularly for the most disadvantaged groups such as the elderly, young people and immigrants.

Hence the importance of starting to seek responses developed from new perspectives, since the solution to this problem requires the coordination of multiple agents and affects almost all the departments of urban areas: social rights, urbanism and law, finance and environmental policies.

The VIIth edition of the 10x10 Càpsules d'Innovació Social project promoted by Sumar calls for public, private and mixed initiatives that solve problems associated with housing, giving special attention to those with a transversal perspective and a joint approach with social services. A jury of experts will select 10 innovations that will be presented in an event on March 15, 2019 in Barcelona.

Stakeholders panel

Angi Ramos, Anna Casamitjana, Antoni Vidal i Ruiz, Betlem Pares Cuadras, Carme Trilla i Bellart, Diego Carrillo, Gemma Clapes, Helena López, Helena Vilá, Joan Busquets Biarnes, Joan Nogué i Arbusà, Joana Mundó, Joffre López, Josep Maria Montaner Martorell, Judit Espuche, Marta Arrufi Franch, Montsina Llimós, Olga Cabezas Santanera and Sergio Nasarre-Aznar.

Challenge completed
March 2019