How to promote citizens, institutions and businesses behaviours to improve air quality?


Improving the air quality in cities is critical to prevent the negative effects caused by pollution in human and ecosystem health.

Citizens, businesses, and institutions’ behaviours must change to address this challenge in its full scale. This is why the Spanish public foundatiion, Fundación Biodiversidad, and UpSocial have partnered to identify and select evidence-based interventions and innovations that are succeeding in improving  citizen’s engagement in improving the quality of air. The research for proven initiatives has focused on:

  • Innovations promoting behaviour changes for citizens, businesses, and institutions in order to reduce pollution by changing their behaviours.
  • Innovations in order decrease the exposure of citizens to pollution.
Stakeholders panel

Albert Soria, Alberto Orío Hernández, Ángeles Cristóbal, César Agustín Blanco, Luis Berruete, Luis Hernández Berasaluce, María Seguí, Teresa Hernando and Víctor Viñuales.

Challenge completed
December 2013