Green City Force

United States
Lisbeth Shepherd.
Project of the Year, The Corps Network Annual Conference (2017). Community Impact Competition Project of the Year, New York Housing Conference (2016). Environmental Champion Award, US Environmental Protection Agency Region (2015).

A programme that employs young adults from low-income public housing communities in services related to the environment, preparing them for careers in the sustainability sector while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the green economy in their communities.

Impact indicators


  • Between 2009 and 2017, Green City Force (GCF) has engaged over 500 unemployed or under-employed young adults living below the poverty line, with an overall graduation rate of 79%.



  • 80% of students achieve placement in employment or college 6 months after completing the programme, and their average wages range from 10 to 15 dollars/hour.

  • Additionally, 30 alumni are employed in the GCF social enterprise. 

Implementation progress

In 2017, the initiative was presented in Barcelona within the framework of the Accelerating Change for Social Inclusion (ACSI) project to explore its local implementation.

Última actualización 2020