Open Green Map

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United States
Wendy Brawer
Renowned as one of the 50 Utne Visionaries 2009, Terre de Femmes (Land of women) Yves Rocher Foundation 2005, resident designer of Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum 1997 and Sea Change 2003 of Gea Foundation award.

Green social mapping application that promotes sustainable development of local communities. It creates a wide information source with all green points of the city (eco companies, parks, rent-a-bike, solar parks, slow food restaurants, etc.) accessible to tourists visiting it though Tourism Office maps.

Impact indicators
  • 200 open maps (open source) with around 17.000 green locations.
  • 700 registered communities in 55 countries
  • Treehugger Best Eco App Award and Best of Green Awards 2011, thanks to its possibility to add a green point by users themselves through their personal smartphones.
Implementation progress

Asturias and Barcelona count with an open green map and are working on the development of a mobile app. In 2013, Girona province has also created an open green map about "Actions in energetic efficiency and renewable energy (2005-2020)."

Última actualización 13 August 2020