Punt de Referència

Associació Punt de Referència.
Església Plural Award (2015). Francesc Candel Award (2015).

Mentoring project that connects young care leavers, who are facing the difficulties of adult life, with volunteers who act as advisers. The support is in various aspects of daily life, such as emotional education and financial management, and contributes to improving the quality of life of the young people.

Impact indicators


  • In 2015, 224 young people and 130 volunteers participated in the different programmes of the organisation.



  • According to an internal study, 75% of the participants feel more autonomous, 81% value positively the advice they receive and 75% have received help in their studies and believe that the project will help them find work.
  • Of the 77 participants in the Trajecte programme in 2015, 72% improved their education status, completing a course or reintegrating in the education system; 18% improved their labour situation obtaining an internship.