Terre de Liens

Jérôme Deconinck
Entrepreneur of the Ashoka Fellowship.

Model with an enormous capacity to mobilise financial and human resources to facilitate access to land for new farmers through the leasing of land acquired by the organisation.

Impact indicators
  • 1 association, 1 foundation, 1 social investment company [R1] and 19 territorial associations
  • 147 farmers making use of 108 estates acquired
  • 2,485 hectares saved from speculation and devoted to family and organic farming
  • 10,200 social shareholders[R2] 
  • 41 million euros of capital and 1.8 million euros of the foundation’s own funds
Implementation progress

Terre de Liens together with Terra Franca and the Escola de Pastors de Catalunya have developed a cooperative project. The project focuses on actions related to the transfer of estates (generational handover and transfer of operations), training and support for new farmers and the development of specific tools like farm incubators. It also establishes cross-border actions to create networks with France and promote a new model of farming community.

The project is in the process of seeking funding from the organisations involved.

Última actualización 2020