How to promote STEM careers among young people in Spain?

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The Fundación Telefónica Educational Challenge is an initiative that is seeking to indentify and scale up the best proven innovations in promoting scientific vocations among young people.

One of the main challenges of Europe's education is the unsatisfied demand for professions related to science and technology (STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), which contribute significantly to increase productivity of economies in our surrounding countries. This is particularly accute in Spain, where only 8 in 1,000 decide to take a STEM career. 

This challenge has been designed to respond to this need. Its goals are to identify, make visible and create opportunities for the implementation of the best innovations related to this key challenge in Spain.

Fundación Telefónica and UpSocial, in partnership with Centro de Investigación para la Educación Científica y Matemática (CRECIM) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) will explore over 100 innovations worldwide, and select the three most relevant for the Spanish context.

Stakeholders panel

Ana Millán, Ana Román Riechmann, Blanca Gómez González, Carolina Jeux Conde, David del Vall Latorre, Gamaliel Martínez, Germán Castejón, Ignasi Verdeguer, Ignasio Pérez Dolset, Jesús Fernández-Cid Román, Jesús María Arsuaga Ferreras, Juan José Moreno Navarro, Luis Berruete and Marc Alba. 



Challenge completed
January 2015